Intellectual Property Lending


Intellectual Property Lending



Knowledge Base Capital provides intellectual property loans, allowing borrowers to leverage their greatest asset as collateral for a bridge loan to next equity raise.   

Investment Focus


Investments in intangible assets, have spurred recent economic growth. Primarily driven by SMEs who develop new knowledge assets and feast on their increasing returns to scale, thus disproportionately contributing to growth. 


The world we live in is all about the race to exit or IPO. As former Founders, we know the difference between owning a fraction of your business or keeping majority equity share. That's why we created KBC, to design creative funding strategies for Founding teams to realize the true economic value they created.


We work with businesses typically with at least $1 Million in Annual Revenue and have a clear growth plan. Our team then structures terms that don't put unnecessary financial stress on your books.

no hidden warrants

Most companies we work with have considered one of KBC's products compared to either Venture Banks or Venture Debt providers. We've structured our terms to exclude any warrants that in essence will dilute your equity ownership and not place any added financial covenants that will tie your hands as operators. 


By combining your financial trajectory with an intellectual property valuation, KBC allows companies to properly leverage debt in order to make it to their next equity raise or cycle of growth.

adding value

Our team has experience as Entrepreneurs that look to add value the same way as a Venture Capitalist would. Portfolio companies have open access to our networks and domain expertise. Unlike traditional lenders who will just fund you and expect a payment back, we want to stand in the ring with you. 


I think money is a wonderful thing because it enables you to do things. It enables you to invest in ideas that don’t have a short-term payback.
— Steve Jobs


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